My Story

A Story About (Me)

My life began growing up in LA and going to a private school with my rich parents.  One day we took a vacation to Hawaii and I did windsurfing for the first time.  I fell in love instantly with the wind gliding through my hair, the thrill of a never ending surfing experience and the realization that there was nothing else like this in the world.  I had been snowboarding plenty of times, but it wasn’t that physical.  Windsurfing was hard work mixed with awesomeness.  You would simply glide through the waves with a good breeze.  Capturing the breeze took immense skill on my part and I immediately felt like I was a natural.  It was like I was hypnotized by the experience and went home to start devoting my life to my new obsession, windsurfing.  I was literally obsessed with windsurfing for the next 6 months.  My parents were very supportive because this is the most interested I’d ever been in something.  My obsession grew to the next level as I started working jobs just to save up enough money for my own board.  My parents couldn’t have been more thrilled, but their happiness turned sour when I was accepted into Harvard, but declined the invitation to move to travel the world and surf.

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