Lesson Number One

Always Have A Back Up Plan

One of the biggest things that I can’t help but stress is to always have a back up plan.  Things will go to shit, guaranteed and when you don’t have the proper logistics in place to back you up… well that’ll be when shit really hits the fan.  I always have a back up plan in every aspect of my life.  On the waves I’ve got my life vest and a emergency waterproof radio phone with a few days ration of food.  Of course I’ve also got a water purifier in this safety back.  Off the waves the rest of my life is really about finances.  They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I beg to differ.  I think that’s a term used to persuade you to be less entrepreneurial and jam you into a cubicle with a job.  I’m the opposite of the normal cubicle human.  I make my money off of investments.  I’ve got fail safes in place to ensure that my online investments are taken care of.  I worked very hard and lived off of nothing for many many years to put money into my Vanguard AIG ETF which generates me $2000 a month of which I live off of.  It wasn’t easy saving up a million dollars to invest in there, but it was certainly worth it.  Living off of $2000 a month is easy when you’re in another country.  Things are cheap here.  I still live pretty minimally even though technically I’m a millionaire.

The biggest takeaway I want you to get out of this article is to have a back up plan.  I’ve got a couple odd jobs that I do throughout my days here, but I know that if they ever fall through I can pull from my compounding ETF and live off the interest that it creates.

What’s your back up plan?

Need a plan on how to start your own ETF?  Meet me.

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